Modern Masterpiece In Sagaponac

Designed by Keenan/Riley Architects the House is built to accommodate all patterns of contemporary domesticity simultaneously: solitude, work, interaction, and relaxation. Loosely structured house. The main space in the house is the terrace between the two principle volumes of the house, both which are two stories. The lower level of the structure to the right of the entry steps–containing the garage, a solarium, and outdoor shower–is tucked under the upper level office and artist’s studio adjacent to a swimming pool. Opposite, two bedrooms occupy the upper level of the second structure, with the main social spaces–kitchen/dining room, living room–below. The house is simply constructed using common materials: wood and steel framing, cement block, stone walls, and wood siding on the upper levels. The house volumes are given terraces, providing each room direct access to the outdoors. Houses at Sagaponac is an acclaimed modernist development conceived by the late Harry J. (Coco) Brown with the assistance of architect Richard Meier. The project features a series of houses created by internationally recognized architects who were given the directive to achieve design excellence and push the envelope of contemporary architecture.